Notre Dame & Better Life Foundation Media Attention in Seychelles

Author: Robin Link


Professor Laura Leo fielded questions from Seychelles Media regarding the ASIRI RAWI project. Leo explained the importance of Seychelles and its climate patterns to the project as a whole. She noted that Seychelles is "actually the point of origin of all this, so it is really crucial to understanding how this oscillation and observation will evolve and develop."

Patrick Conry also answered questions and explained the link between the MJO oscillations and precipitation in Seychelles, which is currently an under-researched area. Conry also linked the project to its potential impact on the United States' climate; he specifically clarified how this research can help predict El Niño and La Niña weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean. 

The project was also featured on the front-page of the local newspaper, The Nation, following the interview.