The ASIRI: RAWI project's observational period was from February 1, 2015 to March 15, 2015.
The instrumentation techniques for each of the three island nations are documented.

Seychelles Instrumentation

A detailed list of the instrumentation used is found below. For major instruments, a photograph is provided to contextualize the location and the sophistication of the equipment. For major equipment, a brief description of the data collected further explains its use.

The Radiosonde System

The Radiosonde SystemThe Radiosonde System

Meteorological flux tower

Sey 3Meteorological flux tower
  • 2-m and 10-m sonic anemometers
  • 2-m and 10-m LICOR H2O/CO2 gas analyzers
  • 2-m and 10-m T/RH probes
  • 10-m net radiometer for upwelling and downwelling short/longwave radiation
  • Barometer
  • Rain Gage
  • Thermocouple

Ceilometer/X-met system

Sey 4Ceilometer/X-met system
  • Provides all basic meteorological data
  • Data includes temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed/direction
  • Reports visibility
  • Reports cloud heights and intensity (from ceilometer)

Other equipment:

  • Halo Photonics Lidar
  • Microwave Radiometer
  • Sky camera

Singapore Instrumentation

Singapore Equipment 3
  • Sri Lanka InstrumentationLeosphere Doppler Lidar
  • Barometer – high resolution
  • Precipitation Gauge
  • Tower 10 m, 1 meter booms, with two levels of fluxes, thermocouples, humidity, net radiometer
  • Upward looking cloud camera
  • XMET station (without ceilometer)
  • AERONET Sun-photometer at E2 (Singapore supplied)
  • Depolarizing Micro-pulse LID Upward looking cloud camera

Sri Lanka Instrumentation

Sri Lanka Equipment
  • Halo Photonics Lidar
  • Microwave Radiometer
  • Radiosondes – at the Sri Lanka Met Office – 3 times a day
  • Vaisala Ceilometer
  • Precipitation Gauge 14 m tower from NARA, with two levels of fluxes, thermocouples, humidity, net radiometer
  • NARA is offering a second station in Pulmude – we will have to decide.
  • NARA site in Beruwala – currently operational (with a NRL tower)
  • Barometer – high resolution (needs to be ordered)
  • 1 LiCORS (humidity and CO2 fluxes) from Notre Dame, in case we have KH-20
  • Upward looking cloud camera